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eTranscript CA Available Free to CCCs


Date:    September 3, 2014

To:        California Community Colleges and Districts

From:    Linda Michalowski, Vice Chancellor of Student Services and Special Programs

             Patrick Perry, Executive Vice Chancellor

California Community Colleges Logo

ANNOUNCEMENT:  eTranscript California is now free to the California Community Colleges. Membership fees will be paid by the Chancellor's Office for the current and future fiscal years.


eTranscriptCalifornia,,  began in 1999 as a project supported through the Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP).  As membership expanded and the need for electronic transmission of transcript data increased, eTranscriptCalifornia caught the attention of policy makers.

In 2011, AB1056 was signed into law and directed the Chancellor's Office to implement a procedure to facilitate the electronic transmission and receipt of electronic transcripts. The Chancellor's Office and the eTranscriptCalifornia project, responded by developing the Electronic Transcript Standard for California. This standard supports the University of California IGETC, California State University General Education, and the Associated Degree for Transfer data fields and formats. Also supported within the Standard is delivery of Community College district-wide transcripts to trading partners.  In 2014, the project was recognized as a key initiative to support the work of the Student Success Act of 2014, SB1456, and funding becoming available in the FY2014-15 Budget.

New Payment Structure

Previously, each California Community College paid an annual fee of approximately $6,200. Beginning in FY2014-15, the annual membership fee for eTranscript California will be paid for centrally and the individual colleges will no longer receive an invoice for this service.

Next Steps

  • For colleges utilizing eTranscript California in production (live transcript exchange), no action is required.

  • Colleges currently utilizing eTranscript California for pre-production testing (in Beta) should plan on working with the software vendor to migrate into production by March 31, 2015.

  • Colleges new to eTranscript California should plan on a pre-production testing period (Beta) no longer than 12 months prior to moving into production. Colleges that are members and remain in a pre-production state without moving to production for 12 months will not be included in fee renewal.   

  • Colleges may belong to multiple electronic transcript exchange systems at the same time. The Chancellor’s Office will pay for eTranscript California but other services will be the responsibility of the college.

    For college utilizing another electronic transcript service
    • Consider the benefits: eTranscript California is a Chancellor's Office supported project and will be at the forefront of addressing electronic transcript data needs specific to California, such as, spearheading the Electronic Transcript Standard for California.

    • A vendor may be equipped to process transcript orders, eTranscript California is equipped to deliver transcript in the California Transcript Standard. 

Contact Mark Cohen at, for more information and to discuss migrating to eTranscript California.