eTranscript California is a statewide electronic transcript exchange supporting the unique request and delivery of electronic transcripts across all of California's postsecondary systems.  See all colleges online here. 


eTranscript California is recognized as a key initiative to support the work of the Student Success Act of 2012 (SB1456), AB1056, and the CCC Education Planning Initiative (EPI).  Read more about eTranscript California.

NEW:  eTranscript California is now available free to California Community Colleges.

Membership fees will be paid centrally by the CCC Chancellor's Office for the current and future fiscal years.  Find out more about how this funding affects your college and how you can become a member today.


Mini Grant eTranscript California 2014-2015:

Register Here: Click for registration! If you have any questions about registration or need to make a change, please contact Leonard Robison, CCC Technology Center, lenny.robison@sbcglobal.net for assistance.


eTranscript California is a project of the California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor's Office.