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eTranscript California is a web-based electronic transcript system designed to exchange transcripts between California Community Colleges, CSU Campuses, UC Campuses, and other postsecondary education institutions. Designed to provide secure, value-added request and delivery services between institutions, eTranscript California automates transcript exchange by:

  • Providing a straightforward integration with your student information system, or preferred transcript vendor (when offered)
  • Streamlining transcript exchange by supporting transcript requests by the authorized receiving institution
  • Systemically translating transcripts into XML and EDI formats to facilitate delivery to institution ERP or other application system
  • Supporting the California-specific fields required by the CSU and UC systems
  • Saving staff resources by using user-friendly functionality to view, print, store, and download received transcripts
  • Including email communication throughout the process

Target Audience

  • Community College Administrators and Staff
  • CSU, UC, and other California Colleges Administrators and Staff
  • Electronic Transcript Trading Partners


eTranscript California (CCCTran) launched in Summer 2007 with transactions between California community colleges, and from community colleges to CSU campuses.


Requesting Transcripts:

  • Request single or bulk transcripts
  • Identify trading partner preferences for transcript processing
  • Electronic message confirmation

Fulfilling Transcripts

  • Interface with College SIS
  • Visual workflow process illustrates transcript fulfillment progress
  • Upload and transmit transcripts
  • Email communication throughout the process

Receiving Transcripts

  • View, print, and download capability
  • Provides three standard online transcript views: brief, full, and gen-ed
  • Standards-based transcripts for easy loading into student information systems
  • Receive XML and EDI transcripts from any non CCCTran institution via UT (Texas) server


  • Transcript request and submission reports
  • Complete transaction event history
  • Account management
  • Configurable workflow preferences, including transcript fee and waiver rules, fulfillment processes, control and expiration options, email communication, and institution information.


CSU, UC, and other California Colleges Administrators and Staff

Automates and streamlines the transcript process for faster admission processing through complete, accurate, and fully compliant enrollment applications.

  • Increases enrollment and improves services to students.
  • Delivers proven advantages while reducing demands to staff.

Other Trading Partners Outside of eTranscriptCA

Able to receive and deliver transcripts from outside institutions via the SPEEDE server.

Contact Information

If you are a student looking to send your transcript, please follow the directions provided by your college. eTranscript California does not directly support student transcript requests.


Mark Cohen
Product Manager, CCC Technology Center
(530) 879-4179


Steve Klein
Statewide Program Director, CCC Technology Center
(530) 879-4166